A dual screen interactive touchscreen kiosk, freestanding with upper screen used for digital signage and 17in touchscreen.

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Totem is a finely crafted multi-screen kiosk with rugged structure, smooth curved edges and class leading technology. The lower screen, features a touchscreen interface for accessing web, videos and other content that naturally engages with your service users. This high brightness screen combines the latest LCD and touchscreen technologies and is angled for ease of use and privacy.

Totem is the ultimate platform for digital signage with back-to-back large format signage displays positioned above the main interaction screen. Built for indoor use, Totem is THE platform for Public service, travel & leisure, and healthcare applications.

Totem has been used for displaying travel information and bus times in the upper screen while the lower screen can be used by travellers to view information about bus routes.

The kiosk includes super fast network connectivity and can have WiFi and/or 3G network connectivity.

Totem - in use

Totem was originally developed for Staffordshire Council to be used for travel information. The kiosk displays bus arrival times in the upper screen and the interaction screen is used by customers to find out more about council services and other travel related information.

The Staffordshire kiosk has been installed at the University and at council operated buildings in the area.

Totem is one of the standard kiosks offered within our Aspire Kiosks range.


Even the base version of Totem has a fantastic spec which gives outstanding value for money. Multi-touch touchscreen and antibacterial coating applied all as standard!

Totem is designed and manufactured to a high standard with quality paint finish.

Totem includes a powerful Intel computer with USB/ Gigabit Ethernet and DVI video output to the display. The computer can automatically turn on (via BIOS) each day and off (via windows schedule). Totem can be supplied with Windows 8 - designed for touchscreens.

Power and network cables can be routed from behind the kiosk.

  • 19in standard 1280 x 1024 display
  • Multitouch touchscreen
  • Upper screen 22in 1050 x 1680
  • Internal Silent Fanless Intel Atom computer
  • 160GB HDD
  • 2GB RAM
  • Anthracite grey chassis
  • Robust Rolled steel powder coated construction
  • Windows 8
  • Antibacterial screen coating
  • Height: 2303mm, depth: 200mm, width 600mm.

Totem with one interactive screen and one signage screen (one computer) Totem with one interactive screen and two signage screens (two computers)



TOTEM Kiosk brochure

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Kiosks4business install new Totem kiosks featuring dual-screen interface. The new kiosks have a touschreen interface for accessing travel and other council information. A second screen mounted higher up provides service users with up to the minute bus arrival times.

There are numerous applications for great looking digital signage products and Kiosks4business have a number of options from our standard range - Acis, Totem or custom designs.  The digital signs feature high definition screens in a variety of sizes from 21.5in upwards including 32 and 42in screens.  Kiosks4business signage has been used for bus arrivals times, wayfinding and much more.

Some examples of the digital signs can be seeen below:

Staffordshire council INTO service

Staffordshire council bus arrivals signage

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