Tabblo kiosks are tablet kiosks with Tabblo cloud software managed service


Tabblo Kiosks


Tabblo is the managed service tablet system from Kiosks4business. Tabblo includes cloud-based remote monitoring and control of the tablets and we offer a choice of tablet kiosks under the Tabblo name.

Our Tabblo kiosks are designed to support a 10in tablet running Android our our Tabblo app which locks-down the tablet into kiosk mode.

Tabblo kiosks are only available as part of the overall managed system. Click to find out more about the Tabblo service


Built on years of experience of designing products for public use, Tabblo kiosks embrace super thin tablets with asthetic design and rugged aluminium and steel construction.

  • Designer enclosures that your customers will want to use
  • Finish in your choice of colour to fit your branding
  • Sturdy, secure and rugged construction
  • Extended battery life option
  • Free-standing designs - fit anywhere
  • Cabling neatly hidden away

Battery backup

Tabblo kiosks include battery backup to ensure the tablet will continue to operate even when the power fails. The battery backup extends the life of the internal tablet battery to provide signifcantly longer on-battery performance to ensure your tablets are always available to serve your customers. This makes Tabblo the sensible choice for deploying marketing and customer service tablets for exhibitions.

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