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Kiosk4business's Tabblo tablet solutions enable business users to effectively develop, deploy and manage tablets in customer service applications.

The widespread acceptance of tablet computing gives business users great opportunities to enhance customer interaction alongside the challenges of managing and protecting content and devices.

Our Tabblo range encompasses cloud management software, tablets from leading manufacturers and enclosures.

Tabblo includes:

  • Designer tablet enclosures and tablets
  • Cloud-based remote management and control
  • An App to lock-down the tablets
  • Support services to help manage your tablet deployment

Content - your way

Any mobile-ready content, websites or apps containing surveys, contact forms, competitions and video can be published easily to Tabblo enabled tablets.

  • Lock down your tablets
  • Remotely manage and monitor
  • Group and publish changes
  • Use with apps or websites
  • Enables a fast reaction to customer feedback
  • Know your service bottlenecks to ensure better service and processes
  • Help the customer to find the right product or service
  • Encourage your customer to sign up for loyalty programs
  • Reward your customers for sharing their views
  • Gather customer leads effectively

Take the easy route

The Tabblo system is easy to setup, manage and maintain. By using a Dashboard, the retailer can define and preschedule which content or survey is run on each device, or device group. Each tablet can be individual, or part of a group or region. This makes it easy, for example, to have different surveys in the London area, to the rest of the country.

Stands can be located at any location where you would like to interact with the customer, such as the entrance, cashier point or other areas of interest. Because they are portable, they can be used for special promotions, near products or services, and even sponsored by a brand to offset costs. Content maintenance can be managed locally, regionally, or by a centralized team in head office. Any content such as product information, advertisement of any kind, marketing or loyalty campaigns, customer and feedback surveys, lead contact forms, competitions, quizzes, videos or animations can be published to tablets’ screens.


  • Know what customers expect and prefer.
  • Instant results by knowing what products and services customers are seeking
  • Increased profitability through improved customer retention
  • Easily promote and inform – campaigns, special offers, brand sales
  • Change campaigns and offers easily
  • An intuitive and user-friendly way to interact with customers
  • Allow your customers to thank you, capturing positive feedback
  • Reach everyone, including those who never use a web site

Designer tablet enclosures

Kiosks4business's Tabblo system includes a contemporary enclosure designed to suit the latest popular tablets. Whether your requirement is for wall, desk or free-standing designs, Tabblo enclosures provide an interface which exceeds the expectations of your most demanding customers.

Our modular system protects your tablets from damage and theft while the branded glass bezel presents a high quality finish.

Designer tablet enclosures


Built on years of experience of designing products for public use, Tabblo kiosks embrace super thin tablets with asthetic design and rugged aluminium and steel construction.

  • Designer enclosures that your customers will want to use
  • Finish in your choice of colour to fit your branding
  • Sturdy, rugged construction - keeps the tablet safe and secure
  • Extended battery life option - position anywhere you need it, great for exhibitions.
  • Free-standing designs
  • Cabling neatly hidden away

Tabblo Dashboard

The Tabblo dashboard is a tool for managing the network of tablets, their status and the content to be distributed.
  • Shows list of all managed tablets
  • Group of tablets or individual tablet can be managed
  • Sets and sends tasks to tablets
    • Changing the content easily for all managed tablets (The content may need to be refreshed or e.g. survey in the tablet changed)
    • Web site content and application can be run. The content can include: - Images - Animations - Videos - Surveys - Web pages - Games - Or any other data that can normally be shown on a tablet device
    • Scheduling the content. For example, one type of questionnaire can be shown in the morning, another in the afternoon. When idle, a screen saver can be shown. This could be a video, image, game, summary of earlier surveys, attractor loop, etc.)
  • Configuration Examples
    • Configuration of managed tablets settings: Example 1 - The tablets can be switched off remotely and data transferred to an external server or a cloud service if a tablet was stolen Example 2 - Touch functionality can be switched off when video advertisements are shown. Example 3 - Screen brightness can be adjusted, night vs. day.
  • Shows tablet status information (e.g. battery level, screen brightness and memory usage)
  • Locks the tablets. The Tabblo App will automatically lock the device upon installation. After installation, tablets can be used to display any desired content. The tablet user can only access the desired content and nothing else. The user cannot access Facebook, the internet or anything else if not permitted by the content manager.


Just some of the applications for Tabblo:

  • Retail - showcase products and services
  • Leisure- booking activities and membership services
  • Hotels - check in, guest services
  • Exhibitions - product showcase
  • Heatlcare - patient surveys
  • Museums and attractions

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