Surveypoint creates touchscreen surveys for patient feedback and other questionnaires

Survey Point

Survey Point is no longer updated. Please see Announce24

Touchscreen Survey kiosks are a great way to conduct online surveys in public spaces. Touchscreen surveys are completed quickly and at low cost using kiosks with our Surveypoint survey software.

Surveypoint is a high performance surveying system that makes it easy to gather opinions from the public. Easy survey composition, central control, live results and scalabity to any number of touchscreens make Surveypoint far more effective as a surveying tool than any other method - especially commissioned one-off polls.

It is ideal for public sector consultation taking your surveys directly to their intended audience, for example in customer service centres, children's centres, NHS FFT surveys, libraries, leisure centres, waiting rooms - anywhere!

A complete package - everything you need is included and it's incredibly simple to use for both administrator and client with no IT knowledge being required.

Surveys are run on one or many machines simultaneously, all of which can be located in varying widely dispersed locations. Multiple surveys can also be run at the same time if required. The answers to survey questions are collected together and stored at a central server location. This central results server can then be interrogated any time by the admin user and reports containing the results can be downloaded at any time.


  • Surveys are simply designed and deployed online
  • Live results and instant analysis
  • Surveys can be run simultaneously for any length of time
  • Surveys can run on any number of touchscreen points, located anywhere
  • Significantly more cost effective than commissioned surveys
  • Flexible question types to cater for all eventualities
  • Logical branches keep surveys short for users
  • Use with wall mount,desk mount and free-standing

Call us on 01189 769088 to find out how Surveypoint can be used for your application.

Surveypoint FFT survey Demo

Surveypoint Details:

  • Professional, purpose designed software
  • Surveys are created in a user-friendly step-by-step configurator
  • Formats are flexible with numerous question types and survey structures
  • Results are collected online and available in minutes
  • Reporting is automated in various handy formats
  • Data can be readily exported to other programmes for further analysis
  • The system can carry several surveys simultaneously


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