Touchscreen Surveys

Surveypoint is Kiosks4business' in-house developed touchscreen survey software. We designed Surveypoint from the outset to work specifically on touchscreen devices with clear calls to action and an easy to operate interface.

Key features of Surveypoint include:

  • Surveys are simply designed and deployed online
  • Live results and instant analysis
  • Surveys can be run simultaneously for any length of time
  • Surveys can run on any number of touchscreen points, located anywhere
  • Significantly more cost effective than commissioned surveys
  • Flexible question types to cater for all eventualities
  • Logical branches keep surveys short for users
  • Use with wall mount,desk mount and free-standing

Find out more about Surveypoint Touchscreen Surveys


InformationPoint privides an intuitive system for users to access a wide range of web-based information (website content, PDFs, video and other documents).

InformationPoint has been deployed in NHS, Schools, Private companies and Councils providing a variety of services including touchscreen surveys, staff intranet access and much more.

  • Attract loop when not in use
  • Wayfinding
  • Displays PDFs, Images, Video
  • Web forms and Surveys
  • Online content management system
  • Export usage reports

Read more about InformationPoint and find out how it can be used on any of our touchscreen kiosks.

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