Kiosks For Retail

For many retailers, the ability to present your customer with your entire product offer is not always possible due to space limitations. Combine this with the acceptance of using touch screen terminals for all kinds of service interaction and the rapid adoption of instore self-check out kiosks and you can see how kiosks may be used for other retail applications.

Kiosks4business kiosk range has been developed for retail with chip & pin, receipt printers and bar code scanner options all available. Much more than that - All of our kiosks are designed to seemlessly integrate many additional devices with minimal impact on the style and look of the kiosk.

By using industrial strenght computers (similar to those found in high-end EPOS systems), Kiosks4business are able to produce slim and stylish designs which fit perfectly in a variety of retail spaces. Combine this with the latest high-definition screens with multi-touch touchscreens creates a compelling and engaging design for your customers to use.


Retail Kiosks

Your kiosk branding

Our kiosks are all designed with branding in mind whether this be using a vinyl, back-printed acrylic, electro-luminesent or other methods. Most of the designs also inculde LED illumination around the edges to further enhance the look and encourage use.

  • Wall, Desk and free-standing designs
  • Nixi Micro kiosks - alternative to using iPad in store
  • Tried and tested electronics - just change how it looks
  • High definition screens
  • White LED illuminaton to attract customers
  • Semi-custom and fully custom design

Nixi Micro Kiosks

Our kiosks are available as wall, desk mounted and free standing designs and more recently we have included the Nixi micro kiosk solution. Nixi addresses a wish where customers would like to fit iPad style tablets instore but without the disadvantages which come with using consumer devices. Nixi can be built with 12/15in screen and be table or wall mounted with long-life rugged design and all cabling hidden from view.

Okul Premium Kiosks

Our Okul kiosks is designed to compliment high-end retailers and along with high-definition multi-touch screen, it also has a premium finish using Corin material (scratch resistant) with the capacity to use a dye-sublimation process to embed your logo in the material itself.

Figur Ultra-narrow kiosk

We recognise that space for hardware is often a limiting factor in a retail environment and have created Figur to address this. Figure is just 400mm wide and uses a 22in screen in portrait orientation. Using a high-resolution screen means there's plenty of space to include your website or commerce application alongside on-screen keyboard and other conten in a split-screen. Multi-touch provides the ability to swipe/slide content on screen and the kiosk is chip & pin ready.

Our software teams able to create stand-alone applications or work with your existing developers to help with your project.

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Public Sectors

Touchscreen kiosks used in public sector for many and varied applications and we have designed products which fit this market both for hardware and touch screen software solutions. Councils, and other public services are consistently tasked with reducing budgets whilst maintaining or improving services. Touch screen kiosks are perfect to help with these two requirements by providing users with self-service systems thus freeing up staff to spend time on more complex issues.

Most departments which have customer interaction can benefit from the use of touchscreen systems and Kiosks4business have been providing systems to councils in England and Wales covering Sure Start, Customer Services, Youth and children's information services and housing departments.

Key points

  • Safe & Secure Systems
  • Choice of hardware to fit all locations
  • DDA compliant - wheelchair accessible designs
  • Mult-language options
  • Usage Stats included

For children's services, Kiosksbusiness developed Parent Information Point software to provide safe and secure access to web-based information and other documents to parents and other carers of children. By designing an open framework, this has been rapidly adapted for use by other departments and now sees use as 'Housing Information Point' and 'Customer Services Information Point'. Designed specifically for touch screen kiosks, the sofwtare assumes no knowledge of how to use websites or computers and creates a very simple navigation system to reach information of use to the customer.

Public Service Kiosks

  • Surestart kiosks
  • Libraries
  • Housing departments
  • Customer services
  • Probation & Police
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Healthcare Kiosks

Whether private or public services, touch screen kiosks are seeing more and more applications in these markets due to the relative low costs for delivering service delivery 24 hours every day.

Kiosks4business provide a range of touch screen kiosks to suit both NHS and private healthcare customers with low cost and high quality kiosk designs. In particular, our Eidos wheelchair accessible kiosk is designed to help with requirement to comply with DDA.

Some of the applications for touchscreen kiosks in the NHS include way finding, patient feedback surveys, information access for patients and patient self-service/check-in.

Kiosks4business software developers have created Surveypoint for providing touchscreen patient feedback surveys, particularly useful for the GPAQ survey for doctors surgeries. In addition, our Wellbeing Information Point is used in hospitals to provide patients, families and carers with access to a select set of web resources and other documents. Kiosks4buiness kiosks can also include telephone handsets to enable patients to call through to related service providers or other numbers using free-to-use VOIP telephones.

Healthcare Kiosks Overview

  • For hospitals, clinics, Doctors surgeries
  • Choice of kiosk hardware
  • Phone to contact service provider
  • DDA compliant designs
  • Usage stats
  • Touchscreen surveys

Healthcare Kiosks Applications

  • Patienet check-in
  • Patient surveys
  • Health information access
  • Form filling
  • Virtual receptions

Recommended Products

  • Eidos - DDA wheelchair accessible
  • myKiosk - wall mount
  • Nixi - small kiosk for reception desk
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Kiosks4business' products are designed to withstand the rigours of public use but for more industrial applications many of our kiosks include an industrial version. The industrial kiosks line includes higher IP ratings and more features to resist dust, water ingress and wider operating temperature ranges.

Our team of designers are available to discuss your requirements for more rugged designs and we have machines already installed in car service bays and other industrial settings.

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