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Information Point is no longer updated. Please see Announce24

Many organisations have a requirement to pass information and provide resources to their end-users, much of which is moving towards a web-based platform. InformationPoint software helps address this need with a safe and secure system built for ease of use.

In any public access project, content is the key. To succeed, the system must be attractive and easy to use; the presentation has to combine clarity and good looks with reliability and durability to get the job done. Yet traditionally, users with limited IT exposure have been thoroughly alienated by over-complicated and boring software design. Realising this, we have developed software directly addressing these shortcomings to produce a tool that service users will enjoy using and that offers a simple means to get access to the information and contacts they need..

InformationPoint comprises of fully brandable 'attract loop' with images and messaging, a Menu system and landing pages - either web links or uploaded PDF and other documents. InformationPoint includes usage stats, and many more features including the ability for users to email home web links they find useful.

Easy to use with many applications


Kiosks4business InformationPoint software is designed specifically for touchscreen kiosks and can be branded in style, colour palette and logo. The InformationPoint software includes a branded animated 'attract loop' which runs while the kiosk is not being used and is designed to encourage use through images, text and a messaging feature. From the outset, the software has been designed for those with little or no experience of using computers or browsing the internet and uses a simple 3-touch approach for the user to find information.

InformationPoint can be used in many varied applications including:

  • Councils - customer service, housing, reception areas
  • Education facilities - Schools, Colleges and universities
  • Museums - showcase collections and other information
  • NHS - delivering healtcare information in hospitals and doctors surgeries
  • Companies - showcase products and services, intranet access

Easy for you and your team

  • One highly reputable and well-established supplier providing everything on a turnkey basis
  • We host the system for you, so there are no IT complications.
  • On-demand usage statistics mean you always know how your system is performing
  • A choice of robust, reliable and durable kiosks with wall, floor or desk mounting
  • Installation that we project manage entirely for you, where we deal with your own
  • internal departments on your behalf
  • Run via your own network or we can install a separate broadband service for you
  • On-going support is a phone call away
  • On-site maintenance can be part of the package
  • Easy updating with a simple, text-based Management Console

...and Easy For Your Service Users

  • Touch-screen driven and clearly laid out
  • Most information is just three screen touches away
  • Colourful and dynamic interface that won't intimidate even the most inexperienced user
  • Purpose-designed software that's fully featured yet simple and user-friendly
  • Attractive hardware with clear, simple controls

Providing access in three easy steps

From approaching the kiosk, the user is directed to the relevant information in three steps: attract loop, landing page and portal page.

1. Animated 'Attract Loop'

The attract loop, provides bright and colourful impact, as well as an inbuilt messaging system. It's also one of the opportunities available for heavily branding your system.

The attract loop runs while the machine is not being used and includes your branding, colours and other images. Each frame of the animation can have different images, 'calls to action' and other information. Additionally, a messaging feature is included whereby messages appear on the attract loop. E.g. 'Free CV writing course next Tuesday, for more details please ask at reception'.

Our new design attract loop also includes Date & Clock as well as an option to add a RSS news feed which scrolls along the lower edge of the screen.

The attract loop makes it easy to showcase products and services.

2. Landing Page

A landing page presents the user with a matrix of subject headings as a starting point to find the information or access a service they are interested in. This page includes your logo and other images. A disclaimer link can also be included as well as links to consultation surveys (optional using SurveyPoint software). The landing page typically includes no more than nine options. This is a deliberate limit imposed on the administrator to ensure that the end-user journey is simple and does not provide too many options at any stage of the process.

3. Portal page

A portal page where users interact with websites, online forms and other documents.

Administration Console

We setup your system using the links and content provided by you initially and provide a web-based system administration console so you can make changes to your system anytime you wish. With the administration console you can do the following:

  • Edit and change button titles and descriptions
  • Send a message to be displayed on the attract loop on all of your kiosks
  • Add, Edit and remove website links
  • Add, Edit and remove free phone numbers
  • Add a disclaimer
  • View a list of your kiosks and locations
  • View detailed usage statistics for each kiosk
  • Run link checking to see if any of your web links are no longer valid/working
  • Attract loop
  • Safe and secure browsing
  • Portalled website/documents
  • works with web, pdf and other documents
  • Integrated telephony
  • Auto turn on/off each day


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wellbeing information point for touchscreen kiosks An attract loop runs to encourage use of the kiosk. The attract loop includes your branding and photos.

Wellbeing Information Point main menu The main menu is displayed when a user touches the touchscreen. The main menu buttons can be updated as you wish using the content management system

Wellbeing Information Point list page A list of options is shown for a user to select from

Wellbeing Information Point portal page The website, form, video or other content appears within the framework.

For NHS and other healthcare providers, Wellbeing Information Point is a convenient application running on Kiosks4business touchscreen kiosks to deliver access to health information.  The software will run on on any of our touchscreen kiosks with a choice of 19in, 22in, 32in and larger touchscreens.  Wellbeing Information Point is a portal to web-based information and can be used to present websites, online forms, PDF and other documents as we ass access to surveys (Friends and Family test etc).

As with all Kiosks4business products, Wellbeing Information Point is brandable and additionally comes with a cloud-based Content Management System for easy updating.  The software is quickly deployable to one or more kiosk and shows an attract loop (similar to a digital sign) when not being accessed by a customer.

Even though the information you want to provide has already been defined during the project, part of the product includes a very powerful tool for managing information availability on your system. The centralised web-based Management Console controls all the touchscreens in your network, and typically is controlled by an administrator in your organisation. This centralised approach means the control of many tens of screens – an otherwise daunting prospect, is now a very simple task indeed, and administrators soon get the hang of keeping their information right up to date.

All user interactions with Wellbeing Information Point are anonymously recorded, revealing what information was provided, when, and on what machine. These records can reveal trends about what people are interested in, and can help optimise the system to provide even more of the same type of information for example. These usage statistics can also be downloaded in common presentation or spreadsheet formats for analysis elsewhere in your authority, and as a feedback for optimising the information on your system.

Wellbeing Information Point has been adopted by the NHS, and is providing information to service users in hospitals, including Accident & Emergency departments, Day Care centres within Mental Health services, and in GP’s surgeries. Once set up and running, Wellbeing Information Point is low in total cost, easy to administer, and reliable. Users feel empowered to help themselves without stigma, enjoy the freedom to choose how they receive information.



Kiosks4business install new Totem kiosks featuring dual-screen interface. The new kiosks have a touschreen interface for accessing travel and other council information. A second screen mounted higher up provides service users with up to the minute bus arrival times.

More Eidos kiosks about to leave production on their way to Hounslow CCG.  These kiosks include the 19in screen with antibacterial coating and InformationPoint software.  The kiosks are connected via WiFi or using the optional 3G router installed within the kiosk.


Three new Eidos kiosks installed at Rivers House in Middlesbrough.  The kiosks help tenants find social housing and use the clients website and other resources in support.


touchscreen kiosk delivered to Torridge Council

New 22in widescreen Eidos delivered to Torridge Council includes InformationPoint software.  Another Eidos delivered into the public sector, this time being used by Torridge Council.  This particular Eidos includes a widescreen display with multitouch touchscreen.

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