Figur | A narrow touchscreen kiosk which incorporates a widescreen display in portrait orientation




Figur is a narrow touchscreen kiosk with a portrait display. Figur's slender design fits where other kiosks are too wide but still includes many of the advanced features and options found in our other designs. The portrait display benefits applications that use on-screen keyboards allowing the kiosk to keep its form.

As an option, Figur can be supplied with

  • Integrated Chip & Pin
  • Receipt Printer and
  • Bar Code Scanner.

Why use a portrait screen?

The unique portrait high definition screen at the heart of Figur presents the applications developer with many advantages including:

  • Easily find room for permanently on touchscreen keyboard
  • Split the screen vertically to present website and advertising messages in seperate areas
  • No need to scroll the screen - full height provides 1680 pixels vertical resolution.
  • Narrow enclosure which fits anywhere.

As an Exhibition Kiosk

For companies exhibiting at trade shows space is always limited. Touch screen kiosks are a great way to showcase more products and the Figur kiosk is ideal as a touchscreen exhibitions kiosk due to its narrow width.

Visitors to your stand can browse your products (via your website or other method) and use the multi-touch screen to zoom into product photos.


Figur is one of the standard kiosks offered within our Aspire Kiosks range.

Figur Specification

The standard Figur touchscreen kiosk has many advanced features all included as standard. Multi-touch touchscreen which is fully supported in Windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. HD quality screen in portrait mode which provides high image quality combined with the ability to easily split the screen and include an onscreen keyboard. White LED illumination along the edges brings it to life and attract your customers to the kiosk.

Figur kiosk specifications

  • 22in widescreen portrait display
  • 22in display
  • 1050 x 1680 HD resolution
  • Multi-touch touchscreen
  • Narrow design - fits anywhere
  • Brandable
  • LED illuminated egdes

Figur Options

Like our other kiosks, Figur was designed for a wide range of additional peripherals to suit various applications. Customers can select the option required knowing that the electronics and aestethetics are largely already catered for.

Figur retail kiosk

Figur is designed with retail application in mind with options including chip & pin, receipt printer and bar code scanner for stock checking.

High quality sound

Kiosks4business products use integrated sound transducers which turn the front face into an active sound field which provides superior quality sound compared with traditional 'tinny' speakers.

  • Integrated speakers
  • Intel Core2Duo/Core2Quad computers
  • 1GB to 8GB RAM
  • Minimum 160GB HDD to as large as you like!
  • Solid state hard drives
  • Internal receipt printer
  • Chip + Pin payment unit
  • Telephone handset
  • Blue or other colour LED Illuminated edges
  • Induction hearing loop
  • Contactless Card reader
  • motion detection
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • Many more, please call for more details


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figur ticket printing kiosk

Figur features a portrait oriented screen to keep the kiosk narrow.  The image above shows a few versions of Figur which have been designed to incorporate a ticket or receipt printer.  A wider version is available where the application needs higher volumes of tickets or cards to be printed such as for shows, leisure or sporting events. 

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader

Both Figur and Eidos kiosks have been cleverly designed to facilitate the installation of a wide variety of optional devices including bar code scanners, magnetic (or RFID) card readers, printers and much more.  The image above shows both Figur and the wheelchair accessible Eidos kiosk built with the same options which includes:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Headphone socket

Introducing the Concept range of configurable touchscreen kiosks. We recognised early on that very few customers require base models of kiosks and many require the addition of bar code scanners, printers, keyboards and other options. Therefore we have designed a number of configurable base model concepts which can be customised with a wide range of additional options. Featuring the same high quality screens and multi-touch touchscreen along with Kiosks4business approved electronics and software expertise, the concept ranges include Eidos, Figur, Acis, Totem, Kendo and Hub models.

Start with the base model requirement - Wall mounted, free standing, DDA compliant kiosks, dual screen versions etc and specify all of the additional devices required for the application - predesigned for quick turnaround.

Whilst some applications are destined for a full-custom solution, it is often desirable to build a development / testing platform using one of the standard kiosk building blocks. Thie ensures applications developers have representative hardware quickly to speed time to market.

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader
Eidos and Figure kiosks both manufactured with identical options - magnetic card reader, printer and headphone socket.

Eidos kiosk built with high performance RFID scanner for library application
An Eidos kiosk manufactured with a high performance RFID scanner and Chip & Pin unit, designed for a library application.




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