Eidos | A DDA Compliant Multitouch Kiosk

Eidos - the all-new, free-standing DDA kiosk is designed equally for wheelchair accessibility and fully mobile human interface. Eidos is a truly stylish and modular kiosk platform for wide ranging applications.

Eidos is available with a choice of 19in or high-def wide screen displays and can be branded to suit with logo and colour.   Even the base version of Eidos has a fantastic spec which gives outstanding value for money. Multi-touch touchscreen, LED illuminated display head and antibacterial coating applied all as standard!

Eidos features a choice of integrated PC options (ION2) capable of running all modern user interfaces.  Connectivity is by wired, WiFi or 4G.

Built from the ground up to suit many optional devices, Eidos fully supports:

Chip & pin, RFID reader, Bar code scanner, Printer, Rugged keyboard.

Eidos fits many and varied touch screen applications and semi-custom versions have been designed to suit libraries with high-gain RFID readers, as well as RFID versions for process control in an industrial setting.

  • Company presentations and Intranet access
  • Touchscreen surveys
  • Patient information points
  • Product info
  • NHS and healthcare applications
  • Industrial and process control

Need a larger screen - checkout the KENDO Kiosk available with 32in and larger screens



Eidos from Kiosks4business has a timeless style and is a full function kiosk with multitouch touchscreen as standard. Eidos is designed to give easy use by children, adults and wheelchair users alike, in fact one of a small number of truly DDA compliant kiosks available today. The Eidos design has been honed to perfection over a number of years featuring many user inspired additions and upgrades.

Eidos Kiosk Applications


Eidos truly is a universal floorstanding kiosk for all seasons - at home in corporate HQ's, 'cool' in schools, and businesslike for public service organizations. Eidos has a universal appeal and can be used as a stylish information touchscreen right through to a full function retail transactional kiosk with barcode scanning, printing and loyalty card use simultaneously - all functions usable easily from a wheelchair in addition to standing adults.

The standard kiosk design includes white illuminated screen with choice of 19in or 21.5in widescreen with touchscreen fitted. Powered by the latest computing platforms designed for industrial applications for long life in harsh environments. The kiosk includes access doors on both sides to get to the computer or provide access to change print rolls. Sturdy and stable, the Eidos kiosk can also be ordered with optional floor fixing kit to bolt down to the floor.


Eidos is one of the standard kiosks offered within our Aspire Kiosks range.


Even the base version of Eidos has a fantastic spec which gives outstanding value for money. Multi-touch touchscreen, LED illuminated display head and antibacterial coating applied all as standard!

Eidos is designed and manufactured to a high standard with quality paint finish.

Eidos includes a powerful Intel Atom computer with USB/ Gigabit ethernet and DVI video output to the display. The computer can automatically turn on (via BIOS) each day and off (via windows schedule). Eidos can be supplied with Windows Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system - designed for touchscreens.

Power and network cables can be routed from behind the kiosk


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Eidos Options

Eidos Options

Some projects need devices to be fitted to the kiosk for use in retail and other applications. Eidos has been designed from the outset to provide many options already designed-in.

Customers can select from the options list or we can create semi-custom versions of Eidos to incorporate your own devices where necessary. Our tried and tested hardware is proven over many years and previous projects.

As standard, the Eidos kiosk is supplied with white finish (front) and antracite grey chassis/base. We can supply Eidos in your choice of paint finish with one or two colours (RAL colours apply). Eidos can also include your branding by applying a vinyl logo on the front face.

Access to Optional Printer

Available Options

  • IP65 rugged keyboard
  • High performance computer
  • Internal receipt printer
  • Chip + Pin payment unit
  • Contactless Card reader
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • 19 or 21.5 inch screen
  • 3G / 4G router


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wellbeing information point for touchscreen kiosks An attract loop runs to encourage use of the kiosk. The attract loop includes your branding and photos.

Wellbeing Information Point main menu The main menu is displayed when a user touches the touchscreen. The main menu buttons can be updated as you wish using the content management system

Wellbeing Information Point list page A list of options is shown for a user to select from

Wellbeing Information Point portal page The website, form, video or other content appears within the framework.

For NHS and other healthcare providers, Wellbeing Information Point is a convenient application running on Kiosks4business touchscreen kiosks to deliver access to health information.  The software will run on on any of our touchscreen kiosks with a choice of 19in, 22in, 32in and larger touchscreens.  Wellbeing Information Point is a portal to web-based information and can be used to present websites, online forms, PDF and other documents as we ass access to surveys (Friends and Family test etc).

As with all Kiosks4business products, Wellbeing Information Point is brandable and additionally comes with a cloud-based Content Management System for easy updating.  The software is quickly deployable to one or more kiosk and shows an attract loop (similar to a digital sign) when not being accessed by a customer.

Even though the information you want to provide has already been defined during the project, part of the product includes a very powerful tool for managing information availability on your system. The centralised web-based Management Console controls all the touchscreens in your network, and typically is controlled by an administrator in your organisation. This centralised approach means the control of many tens of screens – an otherwise daunting prospect, is now a very simple task indeed, and administrators soon get the hang of keeping their information right up to date.

All user interactions with Wellbeing Information Point are anonymously recorded, revealing what information was provided, when, and on what machine. These records can reveal trends about what people are interested in, and can help optimise the system to provide even more of the same type of information for example. These usage statistics can also be downloaded in common presentation or spreadsheet formats for analysis elsewhere in your authority, and as a feedback for optimising the information on your system.

Wellbeing Information Point has been adopted by the NHS, and is providing information to service users in hospitals, including Accident & Emergency departments, Day Care centres within Mental Health services, and in GP’s surgeries. Once set up and running, Wellbeing Information Point is low in total cost, easy to administer, and reliable. Users feel empowered to help themselves without stigma, enjoy the freedom to choose how they receive information.



More Eidos kiosks about to leave production on their way to Hounslow CCG.  These kiosks include the 19in screen with antibacterial coating and InformationPoint software.  The kiosks are connected via WiFi or using the optional 3G router installed within the kiosk.


Three new Eidos kiosks installed at Rivers House in Middlesbrough.  The kiosks help tenants find social housing and use the clients website and other resources in support.


Wheelchair accessible, Eidos is the preferred choice of many NHS organisations requiring touchscreen kiosks. Kiosks4business Eidos kiosks installed at Bristol NHS trust featuring custom vinyl branding and antibacterial coating.

part delights kiosk

PartyDelights provides fancy dress, personalised cards and pretty much everything to get a party started!  Kiosks4business manufactured a semi-custom version of our Eidos kiosk to include a chip & pin unit for payments.  The kiosk shown includes a blue vinyl to incorporate the companies branding.


touchscreen kiosk delivered to Torridge Council

New 22in widescreen Eidos delivered to Torridge Council includes InformationPoint software.  Another Eidos delivered into the public sector, this time being used by Torridge Council.  This particular Eidos includes a widescreen display with multitouch touchscreen.

eidos dda kiosk with taller version

The ever popular Eidos kiosk (designed specifically to address the requirement for wheelchair accessibility) now has a big brother! The all new taller version benefits from all of the same great features found on the DDA model but can be used to provide an additional screen height for service users.

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader

Both Figur and Eidos kiosks have been cleverly designed to facilitate the installation of a wide variety of optional devices including bar code scanners, magnetic (or RFID) card readers, printers and much more.  The image above shows both Figur and the wheelchair accessible Eidos kiosk built with the same options which includes:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Headphone socket

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