Custom Designs

While most touchscreen kiosk projects can make use of existing designs with the addition of branding and a few extra peripherals, there are some projects for which a custom kiosk design is far more suited.

Kiosks4business designers can create your own purpose designed product to meet with your exact specifications including the right technology and components to create a bespoke product that works for your target users. Our custom kiosk project team includes both hardware and software designers and we can handle all aspects of a kiosk project for you from initial ideas through to prototypes, roll-out, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Part of the Package

Our kiosk designs follow an established process from specification, visuals, prototyping, pre-production and final production. Customers are allocated a project manager who will provide visuals and other imagery along the way. Our engineers can also provide software development and electronics design as part of your kiosk project.

  • Semi or full custom designs
  • Industrial quality, rugged and reliable
  • Integrate your choice of peripherals
  • Renders, Rapid Prototyping and manufacture
  • Elegant kiosks created for you!

The Specification

To create a bespoke kiosk for you we start with the specification - an examination of the use it will be put to, detail of the types of user interfaces and peripherals that will be required.

The customer requirements help gain an understanding of the overall size (e.g for the screen) and style ideas you wish to incorporate. Prominance of branding and choice of colour finishes will also be discussed.

For some applications our designers may wish to visit the intended locations to fully understand the restrictions and options available for installation.

A Design Pack

All custom and semi-custom kiosk designs include a Kiosk design pack as part of the process. The design pack is sent to our customers and provides visuals of the design and highlights specific detailing or other important features which are key to implementation of the new kiosk

Using Solidworks, our designers create digital representations of the custom kiosk design. Not only can we show you a preview of the kiosk structure but also an array of branding variants so you can be sure the kiosk fits within your environment.

Renders may also show some internal design features if this is an important consideration (e.g. specific customer-supplied devices to be incorporated in the design)

The design pack will include close-ups of specific details which were part of the design specification and show positioning of various user interfaces

Our designers can also include human model images in the renders pack to show how people of different heights can all interact with the kiosk.

Concept Development

Once you have approved the design of the kiosk we can then create a cardboard model to test ergonomics before to much design detail is added to the CAD model. A cardboard model is a great low cost method of checking the kiosk ergonomics an to get a good feel of the proportions.

Pre Production

A pre-production kiosk is manufactured and all components assembled to create a working design. The pre-production model may be left unpainted or finished to your specifications.

The pre-production models provide feedback for manufacturing to optimise various areas of the system to furthe reduce assembly times and costs. The unit is great for customers to evaluate with other departments and colleagues

The photo shows a kiosk prior to assembly, next to it you will see the original cardboard model that was used during the design process.

The preproduction phase also includes assembly, build and test procedures ready for moving the kiosk into the full production phase.

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