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Kiosks4business have been designing stylish solution for touchscreen applications for over a decade. We are product to have worked with both high street names and international brands in Retail, Leisure and the hotels space alongside our public sector work.

NHS Hounslow CCG

NHS Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of 52 GP practices serving a registered patient population of 305,626. The CCG is overseen by NHS England.

What is the use case for deploying kiosks in your organisation?
  • Efficiency improvements
    The kiosks help to promote services and reduce workload on members of staff by answering simple questions and providing a platform for patients to provide feedback and complete FFT. The system will also prevent errors being made collecting survey data both by patients and staff by removing the manual processes, this will also save many hours of administration work for staff.
  • Expanded service offering
    The kiosks can be used to help educate patients by promoting existing services and allowing people to send themselves information over the internet. This will also encourage the public to use the services available to them online saving more time again in the future.
  • New ways of offering existing service
    As well as promoting the existing digital content this system is also helping the surgeries move towards the goal of paperless operation.

What type of solution did kiosks4business provide?
Kiosks4business manufactured standard 19" Eidos with information point, Multiview and Surveypoint add-on modules. The EIDOS kiosk is designed for wheelchair accessibility and is supplied with antibacterial screen coating ideal for NHS use.

Why did was this approach selected, what were the benefits by doing so? Best value for money while providing multiple functions on the kiosks to help meet targets and CQC KPIs.

Deployment and Support
16 kiosks have been deployed in total across the Hounslow area

  • What were the challenges of installing the kiosks? How were these overcome?
    Kiosks 4 Business have provided a complete installation service and worked closely with our IT team to ensure everything has run smoothly during the launch of the system. K4B provided site surveys for each location and detailed all of the requirements and changes required prior to any installation. The K4B support team then worked with each location to ensure the kiosks arrived on time and were installed in a timely manner.
  • How will the kiosks be supported, if by K4B then why?
    As part of the solution K4B offered a free of charge on site warranty for the first year. This has made support for the system incredible easy and they even repaired a kiosk damaged by a power surge during recent lighting storms.

Zleep Hotels

We love working with dynamic brands and have had a great time working with the likes of Whitbread Plc (hotel check-in) and Samsung (Retail). So, when Zleep, the Danish hotels group got in touch we knew we were in for something special. Zleep's concept for a new breed of Smart Hotels dovetails with the modern travellers need for overnight stays with convenient locations and hassle-free check-in.

Solution Provided

Keeping with a small footprint while still allowing to add Zleep's ultra-modern branding, our sales team quickly homed in on the FIGUR kiosk. FIGUR sees use in Hotels, Retail and Casinos and, just like many of the Kiosks4business product line, has been designed with a host of high-tech features as standard. White / RGB controllable edge lighting, full-height vinyl branding and 21.5in HD screen with PCAP touchscreen further make the kiosk standout from the crowd.

Working with our FIGUR slim-line kiosk our team seamlessly integrated the existing RFID door key encoder along with LED lighting for adding usability. Connectivity was provided with WiFi, Ethernet and 4G router for WAN failover.

Customer Feedback

When asked to comment about the experience working with Kiosks4business, Mohammed Majed, IT Manager offered some great feedback as to why Zleep chose to work with Kiosks4business:

  • Dedicated staff
  • Professional communication before, in progress, and after "delivery"
  • High end skills for design and engineering
  • Top level service provided all the time
  • Great support team, very important for our 24/7 operation

Deployment and roll-out

The FIGUR kiosks have already been installed across Denmark with plans for more over the next year exciting times ahead!

Why not book your next stay at a Zleep hotel, visit Zleep Hotels Website.

Taking the first steps to your kiosk project...

For quick-turnaround solutions please take a look at our Aspire kiosks range. Aspire is a range of ready-designed kiosks which have been built for entry level through to advanced functionality including payments, ticket printing and much more. For some applications, a fully custom solution is required. This is where our Synergy custom design service comes in where we create a design to suit your organisation and application with a choice of materials, screen sizes and finish.

Not sure which is best for your application? Call the Kiosks team on 01189 769088 for some friendly advice.

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