Acis is a single or dual screen wall mounted touchscreen kiosk




Whilst most applications work well with a single screen for user interaction there are some that benefit from the addition of a second screen for advertising purposes. Acis has been designed from the outset to work with single or dual screens and the upper screen has a portrait orientation ideal for advertising.

The upper screen is a 22in LED backlit high-definition display with 1050 x 1680 resolution. The screen can be driven from the integrated computer or alternatively from a stand-alone media player. The upper screen is ideal for showing advertising, promotions and other information e.g. Pricing, Opening times etc.

External pods

  • Add IPP350/Vx820 or other chip & pin payment device
  • Add RFID, Bar code scanning or swipe card reader
  • Add thermal printer


  • Wall mount design
  • 15in screen
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Great for branding
  • Cables hidden from view
  • Antibacterial coating


A large brandable area which can be combined with the optional second screen and wall lighting module, Acis looks fantastic in deployments. With the 15in screen fitted as standard, Acis kiosks are ideal for use in retail (stock check, ordering), touch screen surveys and virtual applications.

Acis is one of the standard kiosks offered within our Aspire Kiosks range.

Acis Specification

The Acis dual screen kiosk includes a powerful computer capable of running Windos 7 Pro or Ubuntu Linux operating systems. The specifications of the base model are as follows:

  • 15in 1024 x 768 LED backlit screen
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Wall mounting kit
  • All cabling hidden from view
  • Network and USB sockets available


  • 4GB RAM expandable
  • 100/1000 LAN connection
  • 2.5in Hard drive 160GB
  • 4 x USB Ports, 2 accessible
  • 18bit LVDS screen driver
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • WiFi optional

Acis Options

Like all of our products, Acis was designed from the outset to be capable of supporting many optional features without detracting from the design. Options for retailers include integrated chip & pin, bar code scanner and receipt printing.

A second advertising screen can be included which uses a 22in LED backlit HD screen 1050 x 1680 pixels resolution in portrait mode. The screen can be used to show still images (Price lists, opening times etc) or video. The second screen is driven from the main computer platform.

  • Additional portrait advertising screen 1050x1680px
  • RFID/MIFARE reader
  • 1D/2D bar code scanner
  • WiFi and/or 4G LTE connectivity
  • Speakers
  • Headphone socket
  • Illuminated edge/wall lighting
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Pro

New! Expansion pods available for ACIS to provide even more features:

  • Add IPP350/Vx820 or other chip & pin payment device
  • Add RFID, Bar code scanning or swipe card reader
  • Add thermal printer


External pods now available for ACIS kiosk


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In Museums, touch screen kiosks can be used to help make your exhibits come alive with interactive tours, explanations and links to other learning materials. Touch screen museum kiosks enable you to expand the range of exhibits with photographs of related items and short video clips.  Within Art Galleries touchscreens can be used to show information about art history, information about the artists and related stories. The art gallery kiosks can show close-up images of sculptures and other art and help to inform and educate your visitors.

Acis wall mounted dual screen kiosk

Acis dual (or single) screen wall mounted kiosk can be used as a digital sign.

Eidos wheelchair accessible DDA kiosk 19 to 42in screen

Eidos is a wheelchair accessible kiosk with mutli-touch screen and screen sizes from 19in up to the Kendo version 32/42in screens.

Kiosks4business Acis and Eidos models are great platforms for use within the Museum sector.  Eidos (and Kendo) are DDA compliant wheelchair accessible kiosk designs with screen sizes ranging from 19in all the way up to high definition 42in models.  The kiosks feature superior screens and high quality multi-touch touchscreens.  For wall mounted positions or where digital signage is a requirement the Acis model is a great choice.  With slim width to maximise space for exhibits, Acis can be built with single or dual screen where the lower screen includes a touchscreen for interaction and the upper screen can be used as a digital sign.  Additionally Acis can be built to include audio, headphone socket and many other options.  Both models can be manufactured with your choice of colour and include your branding.

There are always some areas where the materials and finish need to suit their environment moreso that standard Aluminium finished kiosks.  Our recent project installed at the Bodleian library in Oxford involved the design of a completely bespoke wooden table along with enclosures with widescreen displays. 


There are numerous applications for great looking digital signage products and Kiosks4business have a number of options from our standard range - Acis, Totem or custom designs.  The digital signs feature high definition screens in a variety of sizes from 21.5in upwards including 32 and 42in screens.  Kiosks4business signage has been used for bus arrivals times, wayfinding and much more.

Some examples of the digital signs can be seeen below:

Staffordshire council INTO service

Staffordshire council bus arrivals signage

Digital sign at Bodleian library, Oxford

The cool looking Acis dual-screen kiosk installed at Samsung Experience Stores.

The Acis kiosks have been installed to provide an enhanced customer experience by implementing a queing system. This project required us to create a seperate printer pod to allow for compatibility with an existing software application.

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