Public Sector

Touchscreen kiosks are deployed in a variety of locations helping to improve efficiencies in delivering information, gaining feedback from service users and helping with queuing, bill payments and other tasks.

Our new Totem kiosks combine an interactive touchscreen kiosk with a secondary display and has been used to show bus arrival times

Healthcare & NHS

Touchscreens are helping the NHS and other healthcare providers provide healthly living messages to patients, patient check-in and patient feedback surveys.

We apply anti-bacterial coatings and offer wheelchair accessible DDA kiosks

Retail, Hotels & Leisure

Touchscreen kiosks are increasingly deployed to help the sales process for retailers. Show extended ranges of products and help customers to make a purchase decision. Kiosks can be manufactured with high definition screens, and be transaction enabled.

Kiosks are also deployed for hotels, cinemas and other leisure related applications.

About Us

Kiosks4business are the preferred designers of Customer Engagement kiosks and software used by retailers, public services and healthcare customers. Our custom designs feature cutting edge technology with class leading aesthetic looks.

Kiosks4business draws on 25 years of experience of product design exceeding our customers' expectations. Designed and manufactured entirely in the UK for quality you can rely on.